A Call for Contributions!

The Field Journal explores the intersections of natural history, ecological knowledge, and identity through art and inquiry.


Our first issue explores the idea of being a naturalist. The term “naturalist” undoubtedly means different things to those who encounter or choose to identify as such. What does it mean to be a naturalist today or fifty or even two thousand years ago? How does this relate to our individual identities? Why should someone need to recognize a tree or a bird? Who gets to decide what you call it, or why exactly it is important? We seek to understand what bearing the term “naturalist” has on our lives, and what it might mean for our relationship with the planet we inhabit.  Join us to consider.

These questions are being pursued through writing, illustration, and photography in the first issue of The Field Journal. After all, anyone can keep a journal, in the field, in their heads, or otherwise. So, we are looking for submissions that consider the questions and ideas above. We are most excited about content that pushes the boundaries of being a “naturalist” and explores how this defines or distorts our relationships with nature. If you are interested in contributing writing or imagery, please contact us. The deadline for submissions is February 28, 2019 with publication by the end of March. Shoot us a line, or send in a submission at fieldjournaleditor@gmail.comThanks!

(To be clear, this is a project founded on collaboration, if you are interested in creating content, great! But we can’t pay you. Do this for your own benefit and in the spirit of collaboration. Here’s a little more about who you’d be working with.)



An Exploration of Human Connections with Nature through Art and Inquiry