Issue One


The first issue is here! Included are 45 beautifully curated pages with dozens of original illustrations, photography, and writing.

This was a highly collaborative effort that explored “what it means to be a naturalist” through art and inquiry. This was our first time making a magazine, so much of it was an experiment. We gained a lot of practical knowledge from the process, and were given a lot of wonderful feedback from the launching, which was held at Editor Brendan McGarry’s Master’s in Environmental Education Capstone Project Presentation. Brendan and Art Director Travis Jaworski are excited to make another go of it soon. There is of course, much to figure out.

We could say much about the work that sits within the covers, but for now, we’ll let you see it for yourselves. We had a limited run of magazines that are available by request for now. However, the PDF is free and available for all. Follow the link in the image below for the full PDF version of the magazine and stay tuned for a future call for contributions (Summer 2019)!

The Field Journal Issue 1.pdf
And finally, we want to thank all who contributed and put hard work into making this happen. Thank you to Simone Lupson-cook, Steve Blysma, Seamus Sweeney, Christian Leon Guerrero, Laurel Mundy, Chris Williams, Wyatt Hersey, Marissa Bluestein, Zoe Wadkins, Beth Altman, and Jay Jaworski, among many others who helped in small and large ways. We are lucky to be a part of a creative community that would be willing to make something like the first issue of The Field Journal happen. You are all amazing!

An Exploration of Human Connections with Nature through Art and Inquiry